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Emergency Lighting – Fire Alarm – Power Supply Solutions


Baravon Systems Ltd was established in 1975, offering specialist service and sales of quality emergency lighting and alarm systems.  Baravon can offer a range of design, install and commissioning together with after sales testing and maintenance packages to suit clients requirements

·         Emergency Self-contained and Sign luminaires, l.e.d. and fluorescent


·         Central Battery Systems and slave luminaires


·         Self-test and central test options for emergency lighting


·         Fire Detection and Alarm Systems


·         Inverters


·         UPS


·         Replacement Sealed or Vented Nickel Cadmium and Lead Acid Batteries


·         Door Entry Systems


·         Scheduled Testing and Maintenance of Emergency Lighting and Fire Alarm Systems


·          Fire Extinguishers Servicing arrangements


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Self-contained and slave emergency lights

Central battery Systems

Fire Alarms